Amazing heat power used by fungus to launch spores caught on film by Joseph DeDalto on blog 2 July 2013. This video shows the release of spores of a fungus named Sclerotinia. DeDalto explained: “The first ones to emerge (blue, on right) create a wind that carries subsequent spores (yellow) higher. The last spores to emerge (red) can fly as high as 20 centimeters, much farther than any single spore could go by itself. The fungus stores pockets of heat from natural decay to be used during reproduction, aiding the spores to go further up vertically for a better chance to catch passing winds”.

DeDalto’s video:

Editorial Comment: Now wouldn’t you save money if you could store heat for future purpose like this fungus does? But this would require forward planning, and it is the same for the fungus which also must have a means to store heat before it can use it. 

Heat storage in this world against a future need is only known to occur with intelligent creativity, but this fungal use reveals an extra factor about the original creation which all you creationists need to think through. A plant which uses “heat from natural decay” to multiply after its own kind means that some decay processes were at work in the original good world to recycle nutrients. Some of these processes involve simple chemical breakdown, which does produce heat. Therefore, the second law of thermodynamics was at work even in the original creation, prior to Adam sinning. Much plant material/and animal excrement recycling also involves fungi and bacteria, which reminds us these were originally all “very good”.

The fact that many fungi, including Sclerotinia, can now cause disease is due to another kind of decay – mutations which alter the way they grow, reproduce and interact with other living things. For example, see our report “Mutation Turns Friend to Foe” here.

Recycling plant nutrients also means there was ‘death’ and decay of plants before the Fall of Man, but is this a contradiction of the Biblical statement that death came into the world as a result of Adam’s sin? (See Romans 5:12 and I Corinthians 15:21) For more details see the Creation Research article: Biblical Biology: Questions of Life and Death. PDF here. (Ref. mycology, sporangia, reproduction)

Evidence News 24 July 2013