“X Files: I Want to Believe” is the name of a new movie released in the United States July 25, 2008. The movie is based on The X Files TV series. According to the July 2008 issue of the electronic Cineplex Entertainment magazine (Canada), one of the characters in the show, Fox Mulder, had a poster on the wall of his office with a photo of an “alien” spaceship and the words “I Want to Believe” in block letters. The poster was created by the show’s production team, and it is widely believed the photo was taken by Billy Meier, a 71-year-old Swiss farmer who claims he’s had more than 100 face-to-face and telepathic visits with aliens since age five. He refers to many of these aliens by name – Sfath, Asket, Semjase.

According to the article, Meier has travelled the world photographing aliens and their vehicles, which he calls beamships. The representatives for Meier’s organization, the Free Community of Interests for the Fringe and Spiritual Sciences and UFOlogical Studies, or FIGU (the acronym works in German), agree the poster seems to be inspired by Meier’s pics, but they don’t believe the photo is one of Meier’s. FIGU Switzerland representative Christian Frehner says the creators of The X Files would have wanted to avoid infringing on Meier’s copyright. Frehner adds that the ironic thing is that “I Want to Believe” is contradictory to his group’s beliefs, calling it a “really silly sentence and far, far away from everything Billy Meier and FIGU stands for.”

“We are trying to avoid ‘to believe’ because believing is not knowing,” says Frehner. “The object of ‘belief’ can never be proven and is, therefore, unreal. Belief is the foundation of religions, which, in turn, are responsible for the enslavement of the people’s thinking and acting. We FIGU members are striving for the truth in all things, the facts, logic and natural laws.”

Editorial Comment: FIGU is searching for aliens because they “believe” aliens exist, in fact, they “know” aliens exist. It is ironic, however, that a group searching for life in outer space is “striving for the truth”, but makes an assumption about belief and religion that will prevent them from discovering the most important truth. Scripture states that “I know whom I have believed …” (2 Timothy 1:12) Contrary to FIGU’s philosophy, believing is knowing, when you believe in the One who is Truth – Jesus Christ. We should all, lay people, scientists, philosophers, and theologians alike, strive “for the truth in all things, the facts, logic, and natural laws.” (Ref. Space, universe, life)

Evidence News 24 September 2008