“We were just born this way” Lady Gaga tells gay gathering, reports the Courier Mail Australia 13th June 2011 and much media worldwide. Lady Gaga hailed the gays as the “revolutionaries of love” and called for “full equality now” for same-sex couples around the world in a speech in front of hundreds of thousands in Rome. The US pop diva told the EuroPride rally: “We’re all from the same DNA. We were just born this way,” she said yesterday from a stage in the Circus Maximus – an ancient arena in the heart of Rome. “Let us be revolutionaries of love and use our very strong human powers to save lives and encourage unity around the world.”

Editorial Comment: A little research shows Lady Gaga borrowed her theme song title “I Was Born This Way” from a 1975 disco song by Valentino written by Chris Spierer and Bunny Jones about a man who proclaims he’s a homosexual and that he was “born this way”. It was one of the first disco songs written specifically for the gay community, and in the 36 years since it was written, has become something of a gay (Good As You) anthem. This editor, who graduated in Geology, also undertook three years of genetics at University of Queensland and found no evidence during that time or since that Lady Gaga and co are right. It is why you don’t hear gay supporters give you precise genetic research to back up their “we are born that way” statements. (Ref. homosexuality, culture, inheritance)

Evidence News 17 June 2011