“Before being ashamed of our simian ancestry we ought to study the lower races of men. We should then find that the degrees of differences, mental and physical, between the highest apes and the lowest men are by no means very great. ‘Some animals have more intelligence than some men,’ writes Dr. Hornaday, ‘and some have better morals. I would rather descend from a clean, capable and bright minded genus of apes than from any unclean, ignorant, and repulsive race of genus Homo… There are millions of members of the human race who are more loathsome and repulsive than wild apes.’ ”

From UK Surgeon Rear Admiral C. M. Beadnell, 1948 A Picture Book of Evolution, p141 published by Watts and Co London

Editorial Comment: It probably helps to know this man was also President of the Rationalist Press.

Evidence News 12 June 2013