Over 10,000 fossils accumulated by founding father of English Geology, John Woodward (1665 – 1728), are kept at Cambridge University. The current curator graciously made these available for our study prior to our lecture on Creation and the Flood. Woodward’s work on the evidence for the Flood, “An Essay toward a Natural History of the Earth” (1695), and his role in establishing a sound basis for fossil studies, has recently received the following acclaim from academic David Price who stated that it is as “interpreter of his own collection that Woodward now holds perhaps the strongest claim to be a pioneer of modern scientific practice. It is the collection too, through the steps taken by Woodward to ensure its preservation, which leads to his most enduring achievement – the founding of the Woodwardian Chair of Geology at Cambridge.” (Journal of the History of Collections 1 No.1 1989, pp79-95)

Editorial Comment: Woodward is only one of the many Bible-based academics that got science on the move. (Ref. Geology, Flood, Woodward)