Outer space, out of life as most scientists at International Conference on Astrobiology at the NASA’s AMES Research Centre last week, dismissed the Martian rock evidence, disclaimed “new” planets as unsuitable for life, and were pessimistic about the evolutionary significance of tiny bugs discovered in harsh environments on earth. British palaeontologist Simon Conway Morris, told the conference “I don’t think there is anything out there at all except ourselves”.

University of Pennsylvania astronomer James Casting said Martian temperatures may have been too cold and “we don’t understand how to make early Mars warm”. The claimed discovery of 34 planets around what turns out to be scalding hot gas giant stars, most as big or bigger than Jupiter, led astrophysicist, Alan Boss, from the Carnegie Institute Washington to say “none of the systems found so far are consistent with habitable planets”. (Source Courier Mail, Australia April 14, 2000, p.10) (Ref. Astrobiology, space, Mars)

Editorial Comment: No reference was made to creationists’ predictions that life would only be found where God had created it, and Genesis says it was created on earth.