Our check urges press caution as Daily Express UK, p.8 July 29, 2000 reported “Ancient fossil trees predating the Dinosaurs have been found with trunks, roots and branches still intact in a quarry near Manchester – possibly hundreds of them.”

Editorial Comment: We tracked down this vague report, visited the site and found one distressed farmer, fearful his farm was about to be declared a ‘National Scientific Site’, and he would lose his livelihood. What are the facts? The site has been known since the late 1800’s. It is in the publications of the day. We counted about five upright trees. The ‘hundreds’ is a report generated by the local town press looking for something to print.

The farmer’s fear is valid. On this UK trip we have encountered one other quarry owner who has been told he can no longer use his quarry, as the largely evolutionist Science establishment have declared it a site of National Scientific Interest. No, he is not going to be compensated. This type of injustice must be dealt with. (Ref. Polystrate Trees, Media, UK Fossils)