One good thing came out of the Guardian Newspaper UK seminar on Creationism (1st December) as Biology tutor Sue Addinell (Islington 6th Form College) reported the changing nature of the biology syllabus. In the 1990s there had been a shift away from the evidence for evolution towards the practical application of biological science. One current textbook has no mention of Darwin in its index. She has also noticed a change in attitudes among her pupils. In the 1970s most accepted evolution uncritically, in the 1990s there was a minority questioning it, and today she has 36 pupils – some Christians, some Muslims – but only two believe in evolution! Addinell said we must acknowledge the different views in the science classroom – to ignore them is not an option.

Editorial Comment: The above report indicates the success Creation groups are having on education and the reason people such as Steve Jones and Richard Dawkins are becoming so incensed. They are losing and they can’t understand it. It’s been a long fight, there’s a long way to go, but your support makes it possible.