USA reader Dan Wright states; “What the HS camp is trying to do here in the US is to use our politicians and courts to outlaw any criticism of HS behaviour all in their continual effort to brainwash the populace.
But!… there is one piece of good news recently that really gave me a glimmer of hope and it happened in Maryland. When it looked like all was lost and that HS marriage would become the law of the land in Maryland, a miracle happened. Ex-gays stood up to be counted which was very powerful and very important. Their testimony at the House public hearing and other work helped debunk the phony “born gay” myth used by the homosexual lobby, and helped make pro-gay Delegates re-think their position.” Read more here

Dan recommends this would be an excellent “model” to use in other places around the world. He went on to say: “I believe it can make a difference because it already has in Maryland! Hope you’ll share it with all of your readers as I know a lot of us are looking for some hope and this might just be the impetus God is providing to help us turn the tide. For another surprising victory on a proposed transgender bill click here.”

For testimony of ex-homosexuals at the State Public Hearing, click here.

Evidence News 17 June 2011