Oldest wasps are like living wasps, according to a report in Cretaceous Research, vol. 25, pp509-516, August 2004. Andrew Deans and colleagues have found two previously undescribed species of ensign wasps (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae) preserved in Lebanese amber believed to be 120-130 million years old. This makes them two of the oldest known species of wasp, but they are very similar in structure to living wasps. Deans and colleagues write: “The family currently includes 20 extant genera with over 450 species and seven fossil genera encompassing at least eight additional species” and concluded that the family “Evaniidae diverged early and has expressed few morphological modifications in the last 120–130 Ma.”

Editorial Comment: The translation of “Few morphological modifications” is that wasp body structure has not evolved in the time since these newly found specimens were first entrapped in amber. This evidence shows they have reproduced their own kind. The fact that Evaniidae are represented by 20 extant (living) genera and seven fossil genera also shows these observations are the opposite of evolution, but fit Biblical history well. Genesis says living creatures were made “according to their kinds”, but since sin came into the creation the world has degenerated and many kinds of living creatures have died out. (Ref. Wasps, fossils, amber)