Oldest person’s death “not sudden” quotes an item in New Scientist 25 August 2007, p12. Yone Minagawa, a Japanese woman, died aged 114 years and 7 months on Monday 13 Aug 2007. According to Japan News Review, 14 Aug 2007, she “died of old age at a nursing home in Fukuchi, Fukuoka Prefecture”. She was born on 4 January 1893. Toshiro Tachibana, an official at the nursing home, commented: “The death was not sudden.”

Editorial Comment: Waiting 114 years to die is not sudden, and it’s a sad reminder that death is inevitable for all people. However, let’s make the unpopular point that Yone did not actually die of old age. Deep down everyone knows that death is not a natural part of life, because given the chance of a healthy life everyone wants to live longer. Death is moral penalty for disobeying our Creator. In the beginning one man Adam died for sin, and all the human race inherited the problem and the penalty. But God sent His sinless Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to die and his death has paid the penalty for all those who will repent of their rebellion and put their trust in Him. The solution to death is not to help people live to be 114 or beyond, but to accept the solution offered by the Creator of life. (Ref. geriatrics, degeneration, centenarians)

Evidence News 10 October 2007