Old granite reveals early water according to two studies reported in Nature, vol. 409, pp175-181, 11 January 2001. Two groups of geologists studying granites in the Mt Narryer and Jack Hills formations in Western Australia have found zircon crystals that give the world’s oldest radioactive dates 4,400 million years, a time when evolutionists believe the earth was very hot, with oceans of molten rock. Oxygen isotope studies of the zircons indicate to the contrary that the earth’s surface was covered with water when the zircons were formed. This would indicate the earth was cool, rather than a hot molten blob.

Editorial Comment: It is no surprise to discover the world’s oldest rocks suggest they were covered with water. Genesis 1 describes the earth as covered with water at the beginning. Dry land was only formed when God moved global water cover into one ocean and brought land masses to the surface. (Ref. water, granite, age)