Canadian climate report 2 May 2013 from Alex Schaff: “Well the numbers are in! Here in Manitoba we have just had the coldest April in 120 years!!! Colder than average by 6 degrees C. That is from Environment Canada, our official weather people.

Yesterday we had a snow storm across western Canada, blizzard conditions shut down #1 Highway by Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We had 25-30 cm of snow across Manitoba just north of #1. School closures because of the snow and terrible road conditions. More snow forecast here for tonight.

If you know anyone that has some extra global warming to spare could they please send it our way as we are now two to three weeks behind in planting our crops because of the cold weather and delayed snow melt from winter, and now this!! Is the One who really does control the weather sending us a message??

CBC Reports: Cold Spring, Snow

Editorial Comment: We in Australia would like to send some warming to Canada, but it seems no-one else is having any either. The globe has not warmed for the past 15 years. See “No Global Warming for Almost Two Decades” by Christopher Monckton. PDF here. (Ref. weather, climate, temperature)

Evidence News 8 May 2013