Obama must recruit churches for climate fight, according to the recommendations of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighbourhood Partnerships. Mara Vanderslice, the Deputy Director of this council describes it as a “White House advisory group made up of diverse religious and community non-profit leaders was appointed by the President last spring to develop recommendations on how the government can better partner with faith and neighbourhood based organizations.” One of the recommendations is “Bringing the power of 370,000 houses of worship across the country to the fight of climate change by greening buildings and promoting environmental stewardship in their congregations.”

White House

Editorial Comment: It seems the USA ideal of separation of church and state does not apply when Obama’s state wants to use the church to promote its agenda. Churches do need to make the best use of the resources they have, including their buildings, but that is so the Christian Churches can get on with the real work of Christianity, proclaiming the good news about the one who is really in control of the climate, and more importantly in charge of Salvation and Judgement – Jesus Christ! (Ref. Religion , politics, global warming)

Evidence News 25 Aug 2010