“Even the Intelligent Design people don’t want to claim them as being created by some extrinsic force. They are simply selected.”

Prof. Peter Doherty, Immunologist and Nobel Laureate, Interview broadcast 16 Jan 2006, ABC (Australia) Classic FM

Editorial Comment: Peter Doherty’s statement exposes the weakness of both the Intelligent Design Movement and evolutionary theory. The I. D. people can’t explain viruses because they don’t like the idea of a designer who would deliberately make destructive parasites. The evolutionists are no help because the claim that viruses were “simply selected” only explains what happened to them after they appeared amongst living things. It does not explain where viruses came from. Viruses are not a problem for Biblical Creation, which tells us the Creator made all things good, but the world has been corrupted because of human sin and judgement, so viruses are the degenerate victims of sins curse, as much as the humans who currently host them. (Ref. quotes, microbes, diseases)