Noah’s ark zoo approved for school visits, much to the annoyance of New Scientist Short Sharp Science blog 5 Aug 2010. Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, a family run zoo near Bristol UK that runs educational programmes for school groups, has been awarded a ‘Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge’ following an assessment by officials from the LOTC Council on 30th June. New Scientist are annoyed about this because the Zoo encourages the students to think critically about naturalistic evolution, and has the following statement on its website: “Darwinism has no explanation of how the atoms and all the laws of nature should just come to ‘be there’, no adequate theory of how life with its highly complex DNA suddenly appeared, and no evidence to show that single-celled life forms evolved into the much more complex forms of the later fossil record. It also cannot explain how consciousness, instinct, free will, and sexual reproduction came into being.”

New Scientist, Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo

Editorial Comment: New Scientist actually has very little to be worried as the Noah’s Ark Zoo website also contains this statement: “In our view the evidence currently known points to a ‘both/and’ situation (creation and evolution) rather than ‘either/or’: there was an initial creation, followed by a vast amount of evolution, geological and biological. Far from being static, the world was created to be ever changing, unfolding continually new forms and opportunities until its purpose should be fulfilled.” New Scientist’s disapproval of this zoo reflects that current definition of science being reduced to only naturalistic explanations of the world. As the (US) Science Teachers journal stated: “Scientists refrain from considering God’s actions in their work. Instead they use observation, experimentation, logical arguments, heuristics, and healthy skepticism to produce scientific knowledge. Scientific theories are therefore explanations about aspects of nature without reference to God.” (The Science Teacher , Nov 2003, p34) On this basis only atheistic, or agnostic explanations of the world are acceptable. Therefore even this theistic evolutionist zoo has to be condemned!

In spite of its name, the owners of this Noah’s Ark zoo mix belief in Noah’s Flood with belief in evolutionary geology and an old age for the earth. It is sad to see another case of the authority and accuracy of Scripture being undermined by acceptance of the opinions of men such as Lyell and Darwin. Not every institution that uses Biblical terms is faithful to Scripture, and Christians need to heed to advice of the apostle Paul to “prove all things” but only “hold fast to that which is good” (I Thessalonians 5:21) (Ref. philosophy, education, world view)

Evidence News 25 Aug 2010