Craig Hawkins M Sc scored very well in the debate against Evolutionists Dr Richard Doyle (Soil Scientist), and Dr John L Perkins (Computer Mathematician) from the Atheist Foundation. Scotch Oakburn College Auditorium was packed with people sitting in stair wells, plus an overflow room connected by video link.

The Atheists one suggested example of evolution was a study of Influenza A hemagglutinin from 1983 to 1997. They were arguing Influenza A had evolved into Influenza A over 14 years, so John Mackay told them to come back when it had turned into something else and really evolved, or concede it had produced its own kind as Genesis says God made things to do!

Influenza viruses can replicate in 3 days, therefore, the number of virus generations in 14 years would be 5,110 days divided by 3 or 1,703. In human terms that would represent approx 50,000 yrs without evolving – not much evidence for evolution eh?

An evolutionist’s letter to the Editor of the Launceston Examiner p22 Oct 5 2006 commented: “… sadly it was the creationists who came out the clear winners.”

Evidence News 11 October 2006