The National Geographic March 2000 issue has come and gone (and so has April) with almost no sign of the promised “article” – “retraction” – “explanation” – concerning the fictional feathered fossil ‘link’ between birds and dinosaurs which they labelled Archaeoraptor, and which has been exposed as a bird body with glued on tail. The best they came up with was a letter in the ‘Forum’ section from Xu Xing of the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology in China, entitled “Feathers for a T.Rex”. Xu states that he compared a dromeosaur fossil with Archaeoraptor and concludes that Archaeoraptor is a dromeosaur tail and a bird body. National Geographic printed the following comment under the letter. “Xu Xing is one of the scientists who originally examined Archaeoraptor. As we go to press researchers in the US report that CT scans of the fossil seem to confirm the observations cited in this letter. Results of the Society -funded examination of Archaeoraptor and details of new techniques that revealed anomalies in the fossil’s reconstruction will be published as soon as the studies are completed.”

Editorial Comment: Researching new techniques seems a “good” excuse for not admitting the real problem is evolutionists desperate to prevent their dinosaur-bird theory being exposed as the real fake. (Ref Archaeoraptor, frauds, dinosaurs, feathers, fakes)