Mutations are us, according to reports in BBC News 2 September 2009, and Current Biology 15 Sept 2009. Researchers in China and England have looked at thousands of genes in the Y chromosomes of two Chinese men who were known to have shared a common ancestor who was born in 1805. They looked at the number of differences between the two men, and considering the size of the human genome, the researchers have estimated that each person carries between 100 and 200 new mutations. The BBC article reports: “New mutations can occasionally lead to severe diseases like cancer. It is hoped that the findings may lead to new ways to reduce mutations and provide insights into human evolution.”

Joseph Nadeau, of Case Western Reserve University in the US, who was not involved in this study, commented: “New mutations are the source of inherited variation, some of which can lead to disease and dysfunction, and some of which determine the nature and pace of evolutionary change.” He went on to say: “These are exciting times. We are finally obtaining good reliable estimates of genetic features that are urgently needed to understand who we are genetically.”


Editorial Comment: Can you see the major inconsistency with evolutionist logic? If they really believe that mutations make humans evolve, why do they want to reduce them? The stark reality is that mutations cause disease and death, and no-one has observed a mutation that improved human life. Mutations are a reminder that the human genome is degenerating, or devolving, not evolving upwards. This is exactly what you would expect if it started out perfect, but has been going downhill ever since God judged the first man’s disobedience with death, and our sinful rebellion has only worsened the situation.

Creation Research predicts, based on the Biblical record, that in the next 20 years the total number of human mutations in families will increase, and therefore, we will see new diseases and deformities – and no evolution at all! (Ref. genetics, genes, devolution)

Evidence News, 28 April 2010