Muslims worry Dawkins most, according to articles in BBC News and The Telegraph 8 October 2011. Atheist Richard Dawkins is an outspoken opponent of all faith based schools, but he says Muslim schools worry him the most. Whilst making a documentary named “Faith Schools Menace?” Dawkins visited a Muslim school in Leicester. He complained: “Every single person I met believes if there is any disagreement between the Koran and science, then the Koran wins. I spoke to a group of girls, and to a senior science teacher who believes the world is 6,000 years old. It’s just utterly deplorable. These are now British children who are having their minds stuffed with alien rubbish.” Dawkins claims the effect of this teaching is “utterly deplorable” and has long lasting effects. He commented: “Occasionally, my colleagues lecturing in universities lament having undergraduate students walk out of their classes when they talk about evolution – this is almost entirely Muslims”.

BBC, Telegraph

Editorial Comment Two things are worthy of comment: First, the Muslim or Christian students are labelled “British children” first, which Dawkins uses to mean they should not believe creation, so Dawkins et al have obviously reached the position of telling us that parents don’t have the right or authority to educate their own children.

Secondly, Dawkins has a long and loud history of opposing Christian creationists so it is interesting he considers Muslims the most worrying. Maybe he has observed that Muslims are more passionate in their beliefs than many Christians. But notice what Dawkins is really opposed to – young earth creationism. He knows that if there is good evidence the earth is young, and good evidence for the Biblical history of the world, i.e. created perfection followed by sin, judgement and degeneration, then his atheistic world view is wrong. Furthermore, Dawkins is familiar enough with the Bible’s teaching to know that the God who created has warned He is also the God who will judge and call all people to account. Now go share the good news with both Atheists and Muslims that Christ the Creator is also Christ the Saviour. (Ref. World view, philosophy, education, Islam)

Evidence News 12 October 2011