Murder gets creationist study published as a paper presented at the recent prestigious American Physical Society (APS) meeting in Dallas, Texas by Dr Robert Gentry concludes the big bang never happened. Gentry presented his “new cosmic model” that the world was created in six days thus affirming the Genesis account of creation, at an APS poster session. Gentry is a geophysicist with the Orion Foundation in Knoxville, Tennessee, and once worked for Oak Ridge National Laboratory. APS spokesman James Riordan, says “No-one with the APS thinks of this as serious research.”

Why, then, has the APS agreed to display the poster? According to Michael Lubell, APS director of public affairs, “The APS policy is to accept any abstracts from members that reference physics, even if they are ‘crackpot'”. This open policy stems from an incident in 1952, when rejected scientist Bayard Peakes shot and killed a secretary in the APS offices. “Since then, the APS has accepted just about any abstract that comes over the transom,” says Lubell. (From New Scientist, 27 April 2006, p6)

Editorial Comment: Hard to follow an act like that, so we will refrain from further comment.

Evidence News 19 July 2006