Mars mayhem as the Australian Museum recently held a major exhibition on the origin of life called To Mars and Beyond – Search for the Origins of Life. They produced a book of the same name and the preface was written by one of the leading scientific thinkers of our day – an Australian physicist named Paul Davies who said: “Some [scientists] insist that the basic laws of nature are intrinsically bio-friendly and that the universe is teeming with life. Others believe life is so extraordinary it must have begun with a freak event, a chemical accident unlikely to occur twice in the cosmos. Decades of laboratory analysis have failed to settle the issue one way or the other and it seems the best hope of finding the answer is to seek traces of a second genesis – another planet where life may have started independently … It is even conceivable that Earth may have been seeded by Martian Organisms.” Paul Davies (2001) in: To Mars and Beyond – Search for the Origins of Life; National Museum of Australia, Canberra, Preface pp10-12.

Editorial Comment: Sid you notice that Davies opens all possibilities for the Origin of life on earth – except one. He suggests “the best hope of finding the answer” is finding the equivalent of little green men on Mars but he doesn’t even hint at the possibility of a supernatural creator God. How is it that he can be so biased? (Ref. aliens, space, astronomy)

Evidence News 9 July 2008