Mankind has stopped evolving “because we lead such pampered and lazy lives”, claims genetics expert Professor Steve Jones, of University College London, who said the species had reached a “biological pinnacle” and was no longer capable of changing. Professor Jones said he believes modern lifestyles protect Westerners from the forces that have traditionally shaped mankind. Some experts say that, if anything, humans will evolve for the worse.” (The Courier Mail [Australia] February 5, 2002 p.8)

Editorial Comment: Can you see the obvious? If mankind has stopped evolving and (according to Gould et. al.) all other creatures are in stasis, then no-one has observed (or is observing) man (or anything else) evolve, therefore can we really tell the difference between those who have stopped evolving and those who have never evolved? It is more honest to say man has actually been observed producing his own kind billions of times, which is evidence proving the Bible true. (Ref man, evolution, stasis)