Chicken-saurus found, according to articles in ABC News and Science 26 February 2013 Naturwissenschaften February 2013, Volume 100, Issue 2, pp 165-175. Junchang Lü, of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and colleagues have found fossils of a baby dinosaur named Yulong mini. The specimens are the size of a chicken and belong to the group of dinosaurs named oviraptorids, which grew up to eight metres long. Junchang Lü commented: “Yulong looks like chicken with a tail”, but they did not find any signs of feathers. The researchers found the new dinosaur’s limb proportions were more like a herbivore than a prey-chasing carnivore. They found the jaw structure was strong enough to eat meat, but Lu suggests “It provided strong bite force when (the dinosaur) ate hard foods such as nuts, molluscs and even eggs”.


Editorial Comment: Did you know that the word ‘long’ is Chinese for Dragon? They still call dinosaurs dragons, just like we used to in the English speaking world until it became politically incorrect that anyone should think man and dinosaurs lived together because men and dragons did. But how do we deal with these new finds within a Biblical perspective?

Dinosaurs are generally presented as big monsters, but this find reminds us even the big ones started out small. So how did many of them get to be soooo big? We get one clue from living reptiles, which grow fairly fast for the first 25 years of their life, then they slow down, but they don’t stop growing till they drop dead. They can grow throughout their lives provided they live in an evenly warm climate with enough food, and are not ill or stressed. These are the conditions that would have prevailed in the original good world God made, and would have continued even after the Fall of Man when God cursed the ground. Their environment would have been warm and lush until the time of Noah’s flood, some 1,650 years after creation. During that time we are told human beings lived for over 900 years (see Genesis 5), and therefore animals also probably had much longer lifespans than today. This also means that many dinosaurs which started out small could have grown very large by the end of their lives. Giant dinosaurs are often used by atheists to scoff at the story of Noah’s flood, i.e. how could they be fitted onto the Ark? This new fossil reminds us that accommodating dinosaurs would not have bothered Noah – fitting chicken sized dinosaurs on the Ark would be no problem.

The comment about what Yulong mini was capable of eating, reminds us that strong jaws do not make an animal a carnivore. Strong jaws are just as useful for eating plant foods, such as nut, seeds, fruits and roots. Genesis tells us that all animals, and therefore all dinosaurs, originally ate plants. Altogether, this dinosaur find is good evidence for Biblical creation rather than evolution. (Ref. growth, reptiles, diet)