“Religion must evolve to lead us to ecological salvation” states Irish Times writer John Gibbons in response to the pro global warming declaration from the Catholic Bishops of Ireland in their publication “The Cry of the Earth” (Irish Times 11 November 2009, p3 and 12 November 2009, p13). Man must be dethroned from his dominion and his perceived license to exploit the planet as traditionally taught by the Catholic church and ensconced in Genesis 1 and 2 and repeated after the flood account to Noah (Genesis 9 :1-6) who according to Gibbons was authorized to “plunder the natural world”.

Editorial Comment: It is evident that neither the Irish Bishops nor the Irish Times writer believe Genesis to be the real history of the Planet. Gibbons definitely accepts a totally naturalistic view of man and it is also evident that the Bishops are seeking a way to fit their theology to what they perceive the world regards as popular. (Ref. Climate, Christianity, religion)

Evidence News, 19 November 2009