“Marriage is for husband and wife”, said Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, according to the front page of The Australian 4 March 2011. The report continues, “Julia Gillard has restated her absolute rejection of gay marriage and hotly disputed opposition claims the Australian Greens have hijacked Labour’s political agenda.”

Editorial Comment: We congratulate Miss Gillard on her comments concerning marriage, but sadly we have to remember this is the same women who said she would never attack Kevin Rudd nor challenge his leadership, and that when she was re-elected there would be no carbon tax. We must never forget she is the current (2011) prime minister only because she did attack Kevin Rudd and annihilate him, and she is now actively pushing for a carbon tax. We could be more convinced she’s sincere about marriage if she would actually marry the man she is living with in the Australian Government Prime Minister’s Lodge at tax payers’ expense. Then again our experience with atheists such as Ms Gillard, is they have no absolute basis for their morality, so truth is whatever suits them – particularly if they are politicians.

It’s also a good time to remember that the only absolute basis for insisting marriage is ‘between a husband and a wife’ is that the Creator who invented marriage actually told us: “Haven’t you read back in the beginning He made them male and female, therefore a man will take a wife” (Matthew 19:1-7). Jesus’ implications are obvious – a man won’t take a husband, but will take only a wife (not a live in girlfriend). (Ref. family, Australia, atheism. politics)

Evidence News 9 March 2011