“Creation” Film Not About Creation. We have been informed by John Peet in the UK that a new film, entitled Creation, due to be released in September with the support of a Christian ministry, actually promotes evolution. John has provided us with the following review of the film, from when he was invited to its public preview recently. We pass it on so that anyone who decides to see this film is not surprised by its forceful propagation of evolution. John Peet writes:

“I was invited to the preview showing of a new film to be released in the cinemas on September 25th. It is called Creation but don’t be deceived – it is not about creation at all! It is a biographical drama about Charles Darwin. It is particularly concerned with his struggles over Annie’s death and the dilemma he had about publishing his book. It is a very sad film (assuming the facts are reasonably correct) but it is especially sad spiritually.

A Christian charity, Damaris Trust, is producing literature to aid churches to deal with the issues arising. They are “encouraging people to see the film and think about the issues it raises and make the most of the opportunity.” I have not seen their literature but a comment I heard suggests that it may be less than we would wish it to be. BUT please note that is a second-hand comment!

However, I would discourage folk from seeing it unless it is followed up by a competent Christian creationist. However, I would go further: I am positively advising against folk seeing it. Near the beginning it has a highly objectionable blasphemous comment by Huxley. I don’t know whether it is a true quotation of what he said, but I found it very painful. It is an unnecessary inclusion and could be cut without affecting the storyline at all. So, be prepared for a month’s time! It is being distributed by ICON and is a joint production by BBC Films (who else!) and the UK Film Council. It is based on the work of Darwin’s great great grandson, Randal Keynes, and his book, Annie’s Box.” John Peet, August 2009.

Editorial Comment: It is foolish for 21st century Christian groups to pretend that Darwin’s theory and the Bible say the same thing when Darwin himself knew they did not, and made no pretence to say so. Darwin and his associates knew his theory was not compatible with Christianity because evolution is a process of death, disease and struggle, and therefore cannot be reconciled with God’s statement in Genesis 1:31 that all He made was initially very good. In his biography of Darwin, Keynes wrote: “After Annie’s death, Charles set the Christian faith firmly behind him.” In a review of the book in Science, vol 296, p1974, 14 June 2002 the reviewer wrote: “Freed from the last vestige of belief that the world was perfect because God created it that way, Darwin continued without spiritual restraint to work out his theory on the origin of species.”

Working on his theory only reinforced his unbelief. Later in his life Darwin wrote: “I am sorry to have to inform you that I do not believe in the Bible as a divine revelation, & therefore not in Jesus Christ as the son of God.” (Letter to Frederick McDermott, 24 November 1880).

It is about time Christian Churches stopped compromising with the world and chose to uphold the truth of the Word of God. (Ref. theistic evolution, apostasy, atheism)

Evidence News, 2 September 2009