Worcestershire source pours on hawking, reports BBC News and Daily Mail p61, 8 September 2010, as an Anglican vicar in Worcestershire, England has challenged Stephen Hawking’s recent claims that God was not needed to create and the laws of physics alone made the universe. Vicar Andy Kelso has been bold enough to state that the phenomena that physicists study, i.e. time, matter, energy, power and motion, did not come into existence until the universe was created by God. (Genesis 1:1-2)

Kelso has also stated that the Bible was way ahead of human scientists in understanding physics and gives the following examples:

1.“In Genesis 2:1 describing God completing His work, the word ‘completed’ means ‘never to return again’. Thousands of years later the First Law of Thermodynamics stated the same thing, that matter cannot be created.”

2. “Three places in the Bible indicate that the earth is wearing out: Isaiah 51:6, Psalm 102:25-26, Hebrews 1:11, but this is exactly what the Second Law of Thermodynamics states, that everything is running down and wearing out.”

3. “In Job 38:35, God makes a seemingly ludicrous scientific statement that light can be sent and then manifest itself in speech. But radio waves travel at the speed of light and science only discovered this in 1864.”

Kelso then goes on to remind readers that Hawking’s atheistic world view leaves people without a moral compass, and it is no coincidence that since God and the Bible have been marginalised in the UK over the last century, British society has degenerated into a “society in free fall, family breakdowns and increased crime and disorder.” Kelso writes: “As today, in the first half of the 1800’s our nation was marked by high levels of crime and violence and moral decay which dropped dramatically in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. What changed an entire national character? Sunday schools! Attendance rose steadily until by 1888 a full 75% of children were enrolled. Since then attendance has fallen away, with corresponding increase in crime and disorder.” Kelso concludes: “I know which society I would rather have!”


Editorial Comment: We are pleased to see finally someone from the church stand up and defend the Scriptures. Kelso’s basic tenet is right – the laws of physics did not come into being until the universe existed. The very bases of physical reality, i.e. time, space and matter, were created by God, as described in the first verses of Genesis. Before that there was no physical universe, and therefore no laws of physics. It takes someone outside of time, space and matter to bring matter, energy, etc into existence as well as the laws by which they work.

Kelso is also right about the effect on human society that teaching people: there is no God in charge of the universe; there is no personal Creator to tell them how to live for their well being, or to call them to account if they disobey His instructions; and no Lord Jesus to provide salvation from their rebellion. If there is neither Creator, Judge nor Saviour, then human beings are just pointless victims of Darwin’s war of nature, and human society will degenerates to a meaningless struggle for existence. (Ref. theology, philosophy, sociology)

Evidence News 22 September 2010