Women revenge rape on increase in AIDS payback “as human right groups in South Africa say ‘1 in 2 women risk being raped, but they are facing new twists to their biggest public health problem of AIDS as ‘women who rape men, often at gunpoint, in a deliberate attempt to infect them with AIDS. According to The Australian, 18 May 2004 page 10, ‘a 39 year old father of 3 was ambushed on his way home from work late at night on the East Rand, near Johannesburg. Three armed women forced him to accompany them to an isolated field near his bus stop. The man was ordered to strip and was then raped by each of the women. The traumatised victim told police one of the women had mocked him with the words ‘welcome to the world of AIDS.’ The assault was the latest in a string of similar rapes by women in recent months. According to Delpine Senumaga, director of People Against Women Abuse, ‘Men have been rape victims for quite some time,’ she said. UN figures show 5.2 million of South Africa’s 47 million people are infected with HIV.

Editorial Comment: If there is no creator God, and evolution is what’s happening, then this is just another form of Natural Selection. The only way we could ever have a rule against such behaviour does depend on the absolute principles God has laid down based on His authority as Creator. He has always ruled against revenge, rape, intent to kill, as well as sex outside marriage. The same Lord also told us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Deliberately sharing AIDS is the opposite of this. (See Genesis 1, The Ten Commandments and Matthew 2239 for details.) (Ref. morals, AIDS, murder)