Where has Adam gone? is a dilemma reported by Christianity Today, June 2011, in an article entitled “The Search for the Historical Adam” begins. CT writes “The centre of the evolution debate has shifted from asking whether we came from earlier animals to whether we could have come from one man and one woman”. The source of the problem is reconciling the belief all humans are descended from one specially created man, Adam, who brought sin into the world, with the theory of evolution, which says humans are descended from a group of ape-like ancestors, who came into existence by evolutionary processes.

The article (which is very long) quickly dismisses the views of any who believe in a literal Adam and Eve, and presents the views of various theistic evolutionists, the most notable being Francis Collins, of Human Genome fame, who has founded an organisation named the BioLogos Foundation, whose openly stated aim is to promote theistic evolution, especially amongst evangelical Christians.

According to Christianity Today “BioLogos not only promotes the current scientific consensus on human origins, but ways in which Scripture can be reinterpreted to accord with evolutionary theory.”

Christianity Today, which claims to be “a magazine of evangelical conviction,” has an editorial on the Adam controversy, where they wrote: “At this juncture, we counsel patience. We don’t need another fundamentalist reaction against science. We need instead a positive interdisciplinary engagement that recognizes the good will of all involved and that creative thinking takes time. In the long run, it may be the humility of our scholars as much as their technical expertise that will bring us to deeper knowledge of the truth”.

Christianity Today

Editorial Comment: No time to beat around the bush on this one – if the first man Adam and all creatures mentioned in Genesis 1 came into existence by the “kill or be killed” processes of evolution, then suffering and death were already in the world when the god of the Theistic evolutionists pronounced it very good (Gen 1:31). Sin didn’t enter the world until Genesis 3, so physical death and suffering were not a consequence of sin in Collins’ BioLogos rewrite of world history. Therefore any future Gospel promise for dealing with sin and its consequences through Christ creating a new heavens and new earth which will also be ‘very good’ (Revelation 20-21), has one major down side. Such a good new creation can also have the same kill or be killed processes, can also operate just as it did the last time the god of the Theistic Evolutionist called it very good when the world and all that was in it really wasn’t!

Wake up world – Collins’ theistically evolving god is a liar who offers you nothing but death and suffering in exchange for temporary academic independence from the authority of the Real Creator God who is Jesus Christ. But beware – the only ‘god’ who fits the ‘has been a liar from the beginning’ description, is Satan aka Lucifer aka Devil. And we add a warning to Collins, Biologos and Christianity Today, you are deceived and have become deceivers. Like the Pharisees of old, Jesus warns you, “you are travelling the world to find proselytes and when you do you make them bigger sons and daughters of hell than you are”. (Matthew 23:15).

Christianity Today’s suggestions about how this dilemma will be solved by “positive interdisciplinary engagement”, “creative thinking”, or by reinterpreting Scripture to fit the latest scientific version of evolutionary theory are ludicrous. The situation will only be resolved by putting the Word of God, who was there in the beginning, above the words of men like Collins and Biologos who were not. (Ref. evolutionism, theology, Fall of Man)

Evidence News 3 August 2011