“When Charles Darwin published ‘The Origin of the Species’ in 1859, he did more than change the way people thought about life on Earth – he made a lot of money. That wealth has made its way to Australia, into the pockets of his great-great-grandson Chris,” reports The Sydney Morning Herald 23 April p3. “Chris Darwin is spending the money on something he thinks his famous ancestor would have approved of – saving species from extinction…”

“Darwin’s theory caused a scientific revolution and religious outrage, but before he died in 1882 he wrote: “I feel no remorse from having committed any great sin, but have often regretted that I have not done more direct good to my fellow creatures.”

“Chris Darwin, a one-time failed Biology student, says those words inspired him to use his inheritance to fulfil his great-great-grandfather’s last wish.

Editorial Comment: This worthy goal of saving creatures from extinction will prove three things: the continuing trend on this planet is toward extinction, not evolution; any creatures rescued from extinction will continue to produce their own kind, and; Charles Darwin’s theory will not be helped by Chris Darwin’s rescue plans. Chris’ work will actually benefit the Creationists’ cause for years to come – Yea! Go for it Chris!