What were your ancestors doing a thousand years ago? Many of them were running around shooting wooden bows and arrows at each other. Some may have owned a metal knife. A thousand years later your children are planning on going to the moon, exploring the solar system and surfing the Web. The point is simple! “Noah did everything God commanded him to do” (Genesis 622), and God had commanded Noah to build a wooden boat 300 cubits long (minimum size 450 feet – 150m) out of wood. Most people miss the fact that Noah never queried the only instructions he was ever given – length, breadth, height, number of doors and windows. Why did Noah never query this – he lived about a thousand years after the first metal age, when Tubal-Cain and his brother invented metal alloys (Genesis 422). No they didn’t go to university to learn this – they invented it.

We cannot over stress the Biblical picture of God creating man so perfect that Adam didn’t need computer simulations. He carried a better system in his head. God didn’t need to explain the details of the Ark – Noah had a better program behind each eyeball. He didn’t even bother building life boats for the Ark. Nowadays most of us (if we are honest) can’t even make a tin canoe. The real reason we appreciate computers is that the improving technology of the computer on the outside is actually replacing the decreasing quality of the computer on the inside as man’s internal and external biology degenerates from perfection. That degeneration will be disguised by the devil as much as he can so that mankind thinks we are improving and so we don’t need the Gospel, which is the good news that the Creator God loved man and hated sin so much that He came to this earth as the man Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for that sin so man could be remade in His image. When this earth is destroyed and all its computer technology with it, Christians will be remade physically with a brand new body and all of the in built technology that enabled Adam and his children to simply invent the first metal age. (Ref. Biblical, metal, Genesis)