Weird Australian whale fossil found, according to reports in ABC (Australia) News in Science and news@nature 16 August 2006, and ScienceNOW 18 August 2006. Six years ago a surfer at a beach near the town of Jan Juc on the south eastern coast of Australia found some unusual fossil bones and took them to Monash University. The fossils have been identified by scientists as an extinct whale. The fossil skull had some specialised features only seen in baleen whales, but it had huge eyes and large teeth, and the size of the bones indicated the animal was very small for a whale – about 3.5 m long. Living baleen whales are very large and do not have teeth – they are filter feeders. Erich Fitzgerald of Monash University said: “This animal was capturing big single prey, which is unusual for a baleen whale. It used the front of its mouth to grip its prey and rip it apart.” He also said its size, shape and characteristics made it impossible to fit the fossil into existing branches of the evolutionary tree for whales. The fossil has been dated as 25 million years old and scientists claim that it shows that baleen whales once had teeth.


Editorial Comment: The fact that this creature had features seen in living baleen whales, but not toothed whales, does not prove that it changed into a baleen whale. It is evidence that there were unique creatures of a separate kind from both living baleen and toothed whales, exactly as you would expect on the basis of Genesis 1. Neither does the fact that it had teeth prove that it was a fierce predator. It simply proves it was not a filter feeder. An animal cannot be proven to be a predator until it is observed to hunt prey – impossible for an animal only known as a fossil. Instead of wasting time trying to fit this creature into evolutionary trees, and making unsubstantiated claims about its diet, scientists should concentrate on what they have actually found. The fact that it is now extinct is evidence that the world has degenerated and many living creatures have died out, exactly what you would expect on the basis of the rest of Genesis. (Ref. cetaceans, extinction, diet.)

Evidence News 24 April 2007