Weather channel founder wants to sue gore, according to a FOX News video on Resist Net. Alan Coleman, who founded the Weather Channel and is now weatherman on KUSI TV in San Diego, wants to take Al Gore to court over Gore’s claims that man-made global warming is destroying the world. Coleman claims to have 30,000 scientists with him in his belief that Gore is guilty of fraud. Coleman also claims he has tried to engage Gore and his supporters in a debate over climate change but has been repeatedly told by Gore that the debate is over, and therefore there is nothing to discuss. Coleman is also frustrated by the mainstream media who refuse to let him air his views. Therefore, he believes he has to resort to a court of law to force Gore to answer his criticisms.

Interview with Coleman

Editorial Comment: We don’t recommend that people try to resolve scientific issues in law courts, although we do understand Coleman’s frustration. If Coleman goes ahead with this plan there is a legal precedent for it in Britain when a school governor challenged the compulsory showing of Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth in British schools. British High Court Judge Sir Michael Burton identified nine incorrect claims in Gore’s film, and ruled that the film could be shown in schools but should be accompanied by notes that balance Gore’s view.

Evidence News, 19 November 2009