Water found on Mars, according to reports in NASA News and BBC News, 31 July 2008. The machine named “Phoenix” that was sent to analyse the soil on Mars has detected water in one of the soil samples. The water was actually in the form of ice and was detected when a soil sample was heated in a device named a Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer, which heats samples and analyses the gases given off as the temperature increases. William Boynton, one of the researchers on the mission, explained: “We’ve seen evidence for this water-ice before in observations by the Mars Odyssey orbiter and in disappearing chunks observed by Phoenix last month, but this is the first time Martian water has been touched and tasted.”

Peter Smith, who is in charge of the mission commented: “We’re looking to understand the history of the ice, by trying to figure out if this ice has ever melted, and through melting has created a liquid environment that modifies soil. We’re just getting the data back. Through this we also hope to resolve questions; is this a habitable zone on Mars, meaning that we have periodic liquid water, materials that are the basic ingredients for life forms?”


Editorial Comment: Our recent interviews with space researchers in Seattle, Washington, reveals that many NASA bosses have long had one aim – to find life in space as part of their calculated support of Darwinian evolution and to dismiss the Creator God of the Bible.

What does the latest data do that they are so excited about? Even if the ice melts without being heated by a mini-lab from earth, it will not be evidence that Mars has or had life in the present or past. Water is necessary to sustain life, but it cannot make life, even if other organic molecules associated with life were found. It takes more than molecules to make life. Living cells are different from the non-living matter around them, because they contain vast amounts of information which organises their molecules into extremely complicated interactive systems. Information does not spontaneously emerge from matter – it is the product of mind. Life exists on earth, not only because it has all the right raw materials, but because God organised the matter by placing information on it. This is the only way life could be made from the matter on Mars.

However, we suspect there is no life on Mars because God has another use for Mars. It was long ago labelled a planet, which is an old word meaning “moving star”, and it serves as one of the many moving lights in the sky that God designated to serve as guides to times, signs and seasons. (Genesis 1:14). (Ref. Astronomy, astrobiology, exploration)

Evidence News 13 August 2008