“Was Adam a real person?” asks Canadian University Lecturer and theistic evolutionist Dennis Lamoureux in a lecture on “Evolutionary Creationism” presented 10 May 2010. His answer is a definite “No.” In his lecture summary he states: “My central conclusion in this book is clear: Adam never existed, and this fact has no impact whatsoever on the foundational beliefs of Christianity”. (Emphasis in original). He goes on to say: “Adam is an incidental vessel that delivers inerrant foundations of the Christian faith to remind us: We are created in the Image of God, we are sinful, and God judges us for our sins. Though Adam never existed, he is the prototype of the human spiritual condition. In order to understand our existence, we must see ourselves in him – Adam is you and me”. (Emphasis in original).

According to an article on Lamoureux’s own website, “Evolutionary Creationism” is a belief that “the Father, Son and Holy Spirit created the universe and life through an evolutionary process” and “humanity evolved from primate ancestors, and during this natural process the Image of God arose and sin entered the world”.

Evolutionary Creationism

Editorial Comment: Lamoureux may have come up with a theory that suits his view of Christianity, but it is completely at odds with the Bible, and completely undermines the foundational beliefs of Christianity. Genesis states clearly Adam was made from the dust of the ground (raw materials), and not from some pre-existing animal, and Eve was made from tissue taken from Adam’s side. When God had created Adam and Eve, His creation was complete, and God declared it to be “very good”.

Theistic evolutionists such as Lameroux are also stuck with the fact that evolution is supposed to be continuing, yet God finished creating on the sixth day.

Consider Lamoureux’s claim that Adam is us, because we are sinners who need a saviour. That’s what Christianity is about. If sin came into the world as part of the evolutionary process that made man, then man was always sinful, so how can we be saved from it? Furthermore, if human beings came into existence by evolutionary processes, then death was already in the world before sin. The Bible tells us that death came into the world as a result of sin, and that sin came into the world through a deliberate act of one man’s disobedience to God’s instructions. This is affirmed when the Apostle Paul expounds the gospel by explaining the logic of it, when he tells us that one man, Adam, brought sin into the world, so one man, Jesus Christ had to pay the penalty for sin. It was not by one woman’s disobedience were we made sinners, but one man alone, so Adam and Eve are not symbols of mankind at all. It was the last Adam’s subsitutional death at Calvary that has opened the way for us all to regain what the first Adam had lost – eternal life.

In the meantime we live in a world where the processes ascribed to evolution prevail, i.e. death, disease, famine and struggle. These are the result of human sin and God’s judgement upon it. These are the consequences of degeneration, not of ‘good creation’.

Lastly consider what Lameroux’s gospel for the new heavens and earth actually is – looking forward to life in a very good ‘new creation’? If evolutionary processes were and are part of God’s creative processes, then the new heaven and earth will be no better than the cursed world we live in now. Abandon the foolishness of Lamoureux’s proud substitute for God’s truth and turn to the Living Christ who alone created and can make you again in His image. (Ref. theistic evolution, history, mankind)

Evidence News 11 July 2012