Unwanted boys aborted, according to articles in Daily Mail 7 January 2011 and ABC News 8 January 2011. An Australian couple who have three sons, all conceived naturally, have aborted twin boys conceived by IVF because they wanted a girl. Australian law does not currently allow parents to choose the sex of children conceived by IVF except in the case of known genetic diseases that affect one sex. This is not the case for this couple. They want a girl because they already have three boys and their one daughter died soon after birth. The couple have appealed to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal which can overturn the decision on gender choice. If their appeal is rejected they plan to travel to another country where gender choice is legal.

ABC, Daily Mail

Editorial Comment: This legal battle exposes the hypocrisy of any pro-abortion feminists who would want this couple to win. In countries where gender choice by aborting one sex is legal it is usually carried out to eliminate females, and feminists in western countries loudly condemn it and call it “foeticide”. Before modern day abortions were available in such countries infanticide was practised to eliminate unwanted babies.

However, the real issue is: this couple must face is a more important court case for deliberately taking the lives of two innocent children – that hearing will be at the Judgement Throne of the Creator God. Whatever way babies are conceived, all humans have a heritage from the first created man (Adam) made in the image of God, and are precious in His sight. Therefore, according to His instructions to Noah in Genesis, God will call to account those who take the life of another person. (See Genesis 9:5-6)

However, there is good news for those who out of selfishness, wrong advice, despair, or any other reason have taken the life of an unborn child. Jesus Christ has died to pay the penalty for this sin and will freely forgive all who turn to him in repentance and faith before they go to stand before the Great White Throne of Judgement. (See Revelation 20:11-14) (Ref. pregnancy, termination, reproduction)

Evidence News 9 February 2011