Giant dinosaur from lost world reported in BBC News, 15 Oct 2007. South American Scientists have found the neck, back region, hips and the first tail vertebra of an enormous dinosaur on the banks of Lake Barreales in Patagonia. According to Jorge Calvo, director of the palaeontology centre at the National University of Comahue, Argentina, who led the study of the fossil, “This is one of the biggest (dinosaurs) in the world and one of the most complete of these giants that exist.” They estimate the dinosaur would have stood 32 metres (105ft) tall.

Other giant dinosaurs have been found in South America, but this is believed to be a new species because it has unusual neck bones not seen in others. It has been named Futalognkosaurus dukei. The bones were found amongst fossils of fish and leaves so the researchers suggested it was washed into a river, where it created a barrier causing fish and leaves to collect around it. Alexander Kellner, a researcher with the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, commented: “The accumulation of fish and leaf fossils, as well as other dinosaurs around the find, is just something fantastic. Leaves and dinosaurs together is a great rarity. It’s like a whole lost world for us.” The researchers also point out that the fossils indicate the region where the bones were found was once a forest growing in a warm humid climate, whereas now it is bare and steppe-like.

Editorial Comment: Have these scientists considered the size and ferocity of a flood required to wash a 105ft tall dinosaur into a river, or that leaves tend to float on the surface of water and rot, rather than be preserved? The size of this dinosaur, plus the fossils of fish, leaves and other dinosaurs indicates this fossil bed was formed by a rapid catastrophic flood that was so vast it swept up land plants and animals and washed them out to sea where they were mixed up with fish and masses of sediments, then dumped and rapidly and deeply buried. This kind of catastrophic event is exactly what you find if the world was destroyed by a world-wide, continent covering flood. (Ref. fossilisation, catastrophe)

Evidence News 12 December 2007