Giant Aussie goose loose as fossil bones from a 4m tall, 500 kg (12ft, 1100 lb) bird that once roamed the Australian Outback (along with giant kangaroos, and wombats the size of cars), were discovered near Alice Springs in central Australia. The fossil bones indicate a huge bird that couldn’t fly but could run like the wind, according to Peter Murray of the Museum of Central Australia, as reported in the Daily Telegraph Saturday August 17th, 2002 p7. This adds yet another giant, which has become extinct, to Australia’s repertoire of animals which have diminished in size and number.

Editorial Comment: Animals only ever reach maximum size when the environment is physically and biologically user-friendly. The very obvious demise in size (some to the point of extinction) of many creatures shown by their fossils in both northern and southern hemispheres, is really evidence against evolution. It is also evidence that environmental degradation is not due to current farming practices or industrial pollution. It began long ago. Those creatures that got off Noah’s Ark (Genesis 8) and faced an empty environment where they could move unopposed to any location they wished, along with an increasingly user-unfriendly world caused by the coming of summer and winter (Genesis 9) which put stresses on them they’d never faced before. This resulted in increasing selection pressure, that only got worse when carnivorous habits commenced, and even man began eating them.