A scientist has found fossil evidence of a large pileup of dinosaur bodies that suggests a possible natural disaster more than 140 million years ago. Kirby Siber, director of a commercial dinosaur museum in Aathal, Switzerland, said the evidence is contained in a dig he has been working for the past decade near Shell, in northern Wyoming. Siber believes the dinosaur fossils represent a remarkable Jurassic catastrophe, such as a huge hurricane, flood or similar natural event. “This is not the temporary richness of one trap in one river”, Siber said in Monday’s edition of the Billings (Mont.) Gazette. “If there are dozens here, and we have proven that there are, then there are probably hundreds or even thousands. I’m starting to have visions of a huge catastrophe – maybe still local, but something that covered an entire lowland in dimensions you wouldn’t see in a single quarry today.”
Windsor Star August 28, 1999

Editorial Comment: Every dinosaur bed we have visited is a flood deposit. “Maybe still local”? Why not, maybe not? Why not Noah’s Flood? (Ref. flood, fossilisation)