Fish inspired car described in Royal Auto Club Magazine The Road Ahead, August/September 2005, p4. (Whole article quoted) “Daimler Chrysler has turned to nature, and the boxfish in particular, to bolster its understanding of aerodynamics and design. The boxy tropical fish is incredibly streamlined, a fact confirmed by DC engineers who they tested a model in wind tunnel. Their study spawned the Mercedes-Benz Bionic concept car, modelled on the humble box fish. It has groundbreaking direct injection diesel technology, a drag coefficient of just 0.19 and will be shown later this year in the U.S. Studying the boxfish’s skin, made up of bony plates, also enabled Benz engineers to alter construction methods to boost the concept car’s rigidity and reduce its weight.”

Editorial Comment: Learning about the boxfish skin and streamlining, then applying it to cars took creative engineering. Therefore, the Daimler Chrysler engineers should admit the boxfish is the product of a much smarter creative designer, and give glory to its Creator – not “nature” but the Lord Jesus Christ, who will hold them accountable if they deny the evidence He gave them. No-one doubts that cars are created by intelligent engineers, even if they have never seen one being made. Therefore, it is equally absurd to claim there is no evidence for design in living organisms, which have more sophisticated engineering in their structure and function. (Ref. biomimmicry, automobiles, engineering)