Feminists are howling with rage at a new book authored by two well published evolutionary professors from the University of Colorado, USA. The book is entitled A Natural History of Rape Biological Basis of Sexual Coercion’ by biologist Randy Thornhill and anthropologist Craig Palmer. The authors claim that winners of the evolutionary struggle to pass on genes will be the men who take advantage of any woman who can’t escape them. Therefore, according to a review in the Courier Mail , (Australia) 29/1/2000, p23, rapists will have more offspring who will inherent the violent tendencies of their fathers.

Editorial Comment: If feminists are going to be outraged at the thesis that rape is a natural part of evolved life we would remind them that Professors Thornhill and Palmer are merely being consistent with their belief in evolution. It is time to remember that women are only safe and respected when men are God-fearing and live in a society where God-given rules about having sex only within His created institution of marriage are accepted. Feminists can’t logically reject God’s authority over them as Creator without opening the door to the tyranny of evolved rapists. (Ref. rape, feminism)