Feathered fossils fizzle according to expert Alan Feduccia who wrote: “Feathers are features unique to birds, and there are no known intermediate structures between reptilian scales and feathers. Notwithstanding speculations on the nature of the elongated scales found on such forms as Longisquama (discovered 1969 Russia) … as being featherlike structures, there is simply no demonstrable evidence that they in fact are. They are very interesting, highly modified and elongated reptilian scales, and are not incipient feathers.” (Feduccia, Alan (1985) “On Why Dinosaurs Lacked Feathers” The Beginning of Birds. Eichstatt, West Germany Jura Museum, p. 76) (Submitted by Geoff Chapman)

Editorial Comment: The current (2000AD) fight over “Longisquama” is really a fight to the death battle between supporters of Thomas Huxley’s ageing theory that birds evolved from Dinosaurs vs the newly evolving theory that birds and dinosaurs have a more distant common reptilian ancestor. (Ref. Longisquama, birds, feathers)