Father of all fish stories reported in Nature vol 430, p629, 5 Aug 2004 and New Scientist 7 Aug 2004, p11. Scientists at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology have produced baby trout whose fathers were salmon. The extracted cells that develop into sperm producing tissue from rainbow trout embryos and injected them into newly hatched salmon. When these baby salmon grew up they had functioning trout cells in their ovaries and testes. The scientist extracted sperm from the engineered male salmon and used it to fertilise eggs laid by a normal trout. Trout eggs can be fertilised by salmon sperm but the embryos die. The sperm from the engineered salmon produced ten normal trout, (along with over 2,000 abnormal embryos) indicating that the engineered salmon were producing some trout sperm.

Editorial Comment: This experiment is good evidence for Biblical creation. Salmon and trout normally only produce their own kind, just as Genesis says. The only way to get them to produce another kind is for intelligent scientists to deliberately manipulate them, i.e. with a creator’s intervention. (Ref. fish, reproduction, sperm)