Face left students as new “Study of Society and Environment Curriculum” approved by Labour Government for Queensland, Australia, according to the Courier Mail, Saturday June 10th, 2000 p.3 “Out” are English explorer Captain James Cook and Australia’s longest serving prime minister, Robert Menzies, both of whom made abundant use of Biblical statements in public life. “In” are anti Christian Ho Chi MIn and others of similar ilk. Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens State President, Chris Jones claimed the QCPC fully endorsed the content which “allows children to make up their own mind, to take well informed decisions, and not just take in what may be the bias of their family”.

Editorial Comment: Such a syllabus should be subtitled “How the West was Lost” since the one thing it can’t do is allow students to make up their own mind. It blindfolds them in anti-Christian, anti-Creation biases, whose subvert aim is to “dishonour your family”. The devil knows the commandment “honour your father and mother” was given by God with a promise, i.e. those who honour their parents would live long in the land. Ipso facto, when you dishonour your parents you eventually lose your land, and thus the west is lost. (Ref. Education, West, Curriculum)