Eusebius n Noah’s Flood from A.D.325:
“As we are writing this chronicle we have received confirmation that the flood rose above the highest mountains – a contemporary eyewitness account of the veracity of the account. In our day, [the fossils of] fish were discovered high up Mt. Lebanon.
It happened that while rocks were being quarried there for construction in the valley, [the fossils of] various types of ocean fish were uncovered, pressed into the mud. These [fossils] had been preserved to the present, thus providing evidence that the old story [of the flood] is credible. Those who hear this may believe it or not. But now we shall advance.”

From The Chronicle of Eusebius Bishop of Lebanon c A.D.325 translated from “Classical Armenian” page 23 (section about fossils in Lebanon).
(translator has added clarification for modern readers)
Another version:

Evidence News 13 April 2011