Eternity ahead as “By 2002 we had worked out most of the human DNA. Over the next 50 years this knowledge will lead to a huge revolution in medicine. In fact I believe while I will be in the last generation to die, the young people who read this book will be the first generation to live forever (or at least for 500 – 5000 years, with a healthy 18 – 25 year old body).”

Karl Kruszelnicki, from Dr Karl’s Collection of Great Australian Facts and Firsts, Angus and Robertson p.370

Karl Kruszelnicki is the University of Sydney Julius Sumner Miller Fellow.

Editorial Comment:  What Dr Karl has just told us is that he (the evolutionist) surely couldn’t object to the Biblical account claiming man was designed to live forever, in a perfect environment, and when we left this perfect lifestyle we lived only a mere 900 years which fell to 500 years after a global environmental collapse and finally to 50 – 90 years at present.

Of course, evolutionist Dr Karl would object to the fact that death is not a biological necessity, but a penalty for sin, and Noah’s flood was the environmental catastrophe. His materialistic evolution sees death as a natural problem to be conquered naturally. How disillusioned he and his descendants will be when, even if with technology, we manage to reverse the aging process, we will rediscover that you don’t die because you get old, you die because you are a sinner. And if you haven’t allowed God to deal with your sin through accepting the penalty was paid by the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, you will end up spending eternity in an awful place called hell, instead of in a glorious new heavens and new earth where man will live without the aches, pains, politics and foolish non-science of this life, plus no more death or taxes (see Revelation 21, 22). (Ref. Death, Aging, Lifespan)