A dinosaur named Elliotasaurus was found in pit about 8m long and, 2m deep about 80 minutes drive from Winton, Australia reports the Courier Mail 6 July 2002 p31. The article states: “Elliot is the biggest dinosaur yet found in Australia. A long-necked brontosaurus-type of herbivore, similar in size to anything found in Africa or North America, it is estimated to have been up to 21m long. Last October, Queensland Museum announced Elliot’s existence, but not until this week, when Dr Steve Salisbury’s hunch to dig deeper paid off, has the real impact been realised. … The Courier Mail was fortunate enough to be driven to the secret location just a couple of hours after (the) find. The atmosphere crackled with excitement and anticipation as the volunteers found more fossils as the day progressed. A complete vertebra, bones of a foot. And all around on the rock, wonderfully preserved remains of the foliage the dinosaurs had eaten plus perfect impressions of small pine cones, similar to those on Australia’s living fossil the Wollemi pine found growing in the Blue Mountains near Sydney in 1994.”

Editorial Comment: How good is your maths? Wollemi pines are still here – Dinosaurs are gone. Doesn’t it seem as if extinction is the real history of life – then, just as now – and not evolution. Just a thought. (Ref. dinosaurs, Australia, Elliot)