Early earth had its own water, according to an article in New Scientist, 11 Oct 2003, p17. Scientists who believed the earth started out as a blob of boiling lava have puzzled over the origin of the earth’s air and water. A current popular theory is that of comets colliding with the earth over millions of years gradually brought water to the earth. Comets are also thought to have brought the rare gas xenon to earth. Nicolas Dauphas of the University of Chicago, Illinois has calculated the amount of cometary material needed to account for the amount of xenon in the atmosphere and found it is not enough to account for the amount of water on earth. Dauphas concluded that the water must have been present when the earth was first formed.

Editorial Comment: Dauphas did not need xenon to work out that the earth had water from the beginning. This fact is clearly stated in Genesis 1:1-5, where God, who was the only observer to see the original earth, stated that the earth was completely covered with water. The earth is not an accident that blew out of a big bang. It was created to be a home for mankind and all the other living creatures. Therefore, God made the earth containing all the correct raw materials to provide an environment that would sustain life, and that includes lots of water. (Ref. water, earth, xenon)