Early birds got the seeds according to a report in Nature vol 418, p405, 25 July 2002. Chinese palaeontologists have found a crow sized fossil bird in the Early Cretaceous Jiufotang formation in China, believed to be 125 -140 million years old. The fossil contained a large number of undigested seeds in its stomach and provides a rare insight into the diet of extinct birds. The fossil has been named Jeholaris prima and is very similar to Archaeopteryx in having a long tail, claws on its wings and some small teeth. However, the palaeontologists refer to it as a bird and make no claims for it to be a missing link.

Editorial Comment: The seeds found with the new fossil remind us of the Biblical history of diets, i.e. animals, birds and humans were originally made to eat plants (Genesis 1:30). Since the fall of man and Noah’s flood both birds and plants have degenerated and some birds have needed to eat meat to gain enough nutrients. We are still observing this process happening. The Kea parrot in New Zealand has only become a carnivore in the last century. As its natural food plants were destroyed it took to attacking lambs on the sheep farms. It is also interesting that now evolutionists are busy trying to find feathered dinosaurs they are accepting Archaeopteryx as a bird. (Ref. bird, fossil, diet)